Our Seasonal Services

  • April: Spring clean ups, Seeding, Fertilizing, Last week of April lawn cutting (Charge 1 month for spring clean up)
  • May: Monthly grass cutting, Aerating, Seeding (Start of month), Soil Delivery, (Extra charge for Eaves cleaning, spring buds), Garden Schedule will begin, Sodding
  • June: Monthly grass cutting, Aerating, Eaves cleaning (If requested at extra charge, clean maple keys and buds), Garden schedule, Fertilizing, Sodding, Weed Spraying and will begin Hedge and Bush Trimming
  • July: Monthly maintenance, Garden schedule, Weed Spraying, Trimming
  • August: Soil delivery, Monthly Maintenance, Trimming, Weed Spraying, Garden service, Fertilizing
  • September: Monthly Maintenance, Sodding, Garden Service, Weeding Spraying, Seeding
  • October: Monthly maintenance, Weed Spraying, Garden service, Fall fertilizing, Sod, Seed, Soil delivery
  • November: Fall clean up, Eaves Cleaning (If requested at extra charge)
  • December through March: Seasonally Contracted Snow Removal

Odd jobs will be done throughout the year.

Please call 416-910-8227 for availability & estimate.

Mortimer Lawn & Garden Service Fees

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